by Cyndi Yuska

How do I describe a person
whose every dimension
has formed
in the years we've grown
Watched him struggle to come of age
with me at his side.
At times, I left him
to walk alone, find his way
as I stubbornly lost mine,
but always he caught up;
we lost ourselves
and found ourselves together.
For years he gathered all his strength
to hold me together while
slowly I tore him apart.
All this time, he flew through classes,
everything he touched turned A plus.

School is an obsession -
one of many.
Imagine them: butterflies at first,
sweet, but surrounding your face,
flapping their wings while you try
to bat them away - gently though -
They won't hurt you.
But the butterflies turn to bees,
swarm, overwhelm, joined
by flies, douse you and you cannot
escape. Buzzing is all you can hear.

Moments of peace come more often
now that we are moving
to such happiness.
Still, I worry
and wonder
will your diamond tears stop flowing?
I see them when I think
of you in all your