by Cyndi Yuska

There are some things I need to tell

you.   Things I've never
                         (In the back of the car pool van)

told anyone.   I'm afraid to say
               (Only six years old six)

these things out loud.
                         (I stopped wearing skirts on the way to school)

I've felt ashamed
                         (He didn’t stop)

all these years.
                         (Gray fibers clung to my fingernails but no one knew)

If I tell you
                (I’ve never told anyone)

it makes it real,
  ( was it my fault? )

it makes it last forever,
                         ( it haunts me )

a scar etched into stone between our hearts.
        ( I'm sorry )

If I tell you
                         ( if... )

will you still love me?
                ( love me... )